You must register your BD Diesel Performance (BD) Venom or FlowMax Pump & Filter Kits with BD within 30 days of product purchase to receive your lifetime warranty. If you exceed the 30 days, without registering your pump, you will automatically receive a 2-year / 48,000 miles manufacturer's warranty. NO EXCEPTIONS.

The Limited Lifetime Warranty applies to the following part numbers:

A legible digital copy of the original invoice or receipt, from an authorized BD dealer showing applicable part number, date purchased and dealer information must be uploaded with registration. All information on the warranty registration site must be filled out completely, accurate, and, be from the original kit purchaser.

Substituting a kit ending with 'DF' with a kit ending with just a 'D' and purchasing separate fuel filter and water separator (BD brand or otherwise) does not fall under acceptable purchased kits and will not be accepted.

Both the product registration and receipt must be approved. If approved, you will receive a confirmation via email within 7 working days of submitting your online registration form. Full warranty statement can be viewed at the follow link: BD Warranty Statement

Lifetime Warranty


BD covers manufacturing defects and workmanship faults only.

If warranty work is needed on your BD FlowMax unit, please contact BD directly with the serial number of your pump to verify your registration. If your pump is under warranty, you will be issued an RMA (Returned Merchandise Authorization) number and return instructions which you will then send your pump to the issued address to be repaired and returned (R&R).

It is the customer's responsibility to ship any warranty claim for their BD FlowMax unit to a BD location at their own expense.

BD is not responsible for labor costs, towing bills or any other incidental costs.


BD does not cover wear on the fuel lines, wire harness or fittings, or, filter elements.

Any BD FlowMax pumps with a seized Gerotor, due to lack of filtration, will not be covered under any BD warranty. It will be the customer's responsibility to pay for any repair or replacement of parts or product.

When replacing filters, customers must use a filter that has an equal or better filter and water separation efficiency.

BD will not cover improper installation or improper application of a BD FlowMax product.

BD does not cover normal wear and tear, such as worn pump housings, worn motor brushes

Failures and/or premature wear caused by bio-fuel will not be covered under warranty.

BD is not responsible for any delayed, damaged or lost units returned for warranty inspection and repair, or, repaired/replaced unit shipped back. Any shipping claims must be dealt with directly with the freight company by the customer.

Subject to change without notice.

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